artist's statement / exhibitions

I am a social anthropologist and photographer who, so it would seem, has always been fascinated by the medium of taking and looking at photographic images. To begin with, I took photos of daily life. It was during my studies in anthropology that I learned to apply this medium as a tool to document my anthropological fieldwork. During my PhD studies at the Manchester Metropolitan University, I concentrated on researching 19th-century photographs from the Andaman Islands. Since then, I have been involved in a wide range of projects focusing on the philosophy of photography. I'm particularly interested in the question whether photography can truly be considered a form of art. Some scholars claim that photography is mechanical and so cannot be considered as one of the contemporary art forms, since it lacks representational value. To put it differently, a painting can represent whatever the artist conceives, whereas photography depicts what already exists. In my own opinion, photography is, nevertheless a form of art and I strive in my work to prove this.

exhibitions / published works

The Quarantzine Magazine, Issue Nr 3, 2020, 'The People I Love'
Royal Academy of Arts, 'Art is Part of the Equation', RA Community Partner Exhibition, London, Dec. 2018 - Jan. 2019
The Creative Space Annual Exhibition, London, 2019
Pop Up Shop Exhibition, London, 2019
Hampstead School of Art / Cafe Art Exhibition, 2019
The Creative Space Annual Exhibition, London, 2018
Pop Up Shop Exhibition, London, 2018
Open Open Exhibition, London, 2017
The Creative Space Annual Exhibition, London, 2017

Al Benthovsky, MA, PhD